Bilgi GIS

MSYS-Battlefield Management System


MSYS has been contracted by TU MoD for  Turkish Land Forces. Project IPR belongs to MoD.

  • Compliant to MIP, JC3IEDM and TLF KKBDVM (National Data Exchange) models
  • Compliant to MIP, JC3IEDM and TLF KKBDVM for MTG (Military Tactical Graphics) objects (military overlays) with MILSTD-2525b, APP-6A, TSK MT76-1A national military symbol set (point, line, area and all control features) to be stored in JC3IEDM/KKBDVM database via military symbol service
  • Compliant to NATO CONFORMETS ADatP-3 messaging with all baselines including Change 4 and TAF MEFORS (National Message Formatting System)
  • Compliant to OGC-Open Geospatial Consortium (WMS 1.1.1., WFS 1.0.0.) & ISO web services for GIS functions (so compliant with NATO ACE ACCIS GIS architecture)
  • Data Access Layer architecture with full user authentication for integration with the other C2 systems on a C2IS portal
  • Full functional high performance GIS (Geographic Information System) support with 3D Terrain Analysis, drape and flythrough functions
  • Sharing Common Operational Picture-COP via MIP Block-2 MEM and Block-3 DEM Solution (if DEM is available at the authority)
  • Integration gateways with; JTLS,  JTS, NATO TOPFAS, LOGBASE, ICC and MCCIS systems
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based web and thick clients
  • Compliant to NFFI, Blue Force Tracking System via Military Radio, GPRS, and Satellite communication with mobile user
  • Battlefield functional areas (Planning, Operations and Assessment) on C2IS portal with user authorisation;
  • Unit/Organization/Convoy, Facility, Personnel, Equipment, Event/Task, Target, Type and Capability Management tools
  • Operations Plan/Order and Annexes (STANAG 2014)
  • TaskOrg (Task Organisation) and ORBAT (Order of Battle) Manager
  • Tactical Situation Presenter including history player for the commander’s assessments
  • WEB Based COP - Common Operational Picture & thin clients for query, viewing and reporting
  • Pure Java and portal applications and more...