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A java GIS API for spatial data visualization and analysis.

GeoKIT is a Java API (Application Programming Interface) for manipulating, visualizing, and analyzing 2D/3D raster and vector spatial data. It is written completely in Java programming language. It provides a comprehensive set of components to embed GIS (Geographical Information System) functionality into your applications.

BİLGİ has produced and has been maintaning the GeoKIT project. The company aims to keep the GeoKIT up-to-date and GIS/Military standards compliant. GeoKIT has also interfaces to the other products  produced by BILGI such as GeoDB, MESSMAN and C2 products.

GeoKIT components are full Java API. For that reason it is designed to support various programmer needs. The components of GeoKIT, which should be customized for specific needs, are simple Java Interfaces and Abstract classes (Accessories, Projections, Rendering engine, Feature stream and Symbols).

Their methods and events follow the Java API standard. GeoKIT components can be manipulated graphically and through Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as JBuilder and Symantec Visual Café and Eclipse. The whole product has been developed by pure java coding. It also has got a Data Accessor Structure thus transparent to the data formats that is needed to be displayed and analyzed.  Many of the industry standard data formats has been already implemented by GeoKIT development team, but the new data formats can easily be integrated to GeoKIT by developers.

The product implements client and server side functionality with different modules. Server side functionality includes GeoKIT Web Map Server v1.1.1, v2.0 and GeoKIT Web Feature Server v1.0.0, v1.0 which are compliant to OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) specifications.

  • Pure JAVA/Platform Independent
  • Highly Customizable API
  • High Performance for Vector and Raster data Display and Analysis
  • On-The-Fly Reprojection
  • Native Support for Widely Used Data Formats
  • Seamless Geographic Database
  • Real-Time 2D/3D Analysis Capabilities
  • 3D Viewing, Drape & Fly Through Capabilities
  • Based on the Standards including OGC, ISO NIMA, NATO...
  • Pre-Defined & User Definable Symbology
  • Native Language Support (NLS)
  • Compliant with NATO JC3IEDM/C2IEDM/LC2IEDM Data Models
  • Compliant with NATO ACE ACCIS GIS Architecture GIS Evaluation Criteria
  • For GIS Data Serving to 3rd Party OGC Certified `URL`-Based Services, JAVA API, XML/GML or Messaging Support
  • Powerful Technical Support
  • And more...




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