Bilgi GIS

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BİLGİ Information Systems Co. Inc. (former BİLGİ Geographic Information Conversion & Management Systems Co. Ltd.) is one of the leading companies in Turkey who provides high-quality software and services based on a strong technical foundation for C2IS/GIS/IT market.

BİLGİ has many references at NATO, Turkish Armed Forces and various Defense Industry which provides Engineering, Consultancy and Production of software services including Command and Control Information Systems, Military Formatted Management Systems, Geographic Information Systems projects and geodata acquisition, storage and management systems & services.

BİLGİ, with the main office at Çetin Emeç Bulvarı Cevizlidere Cad. 1/10 06520 Y.Öveçler Ankara and development branch office at Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Teknokent Silikon Bina 1. Kat No:9-13 Ankara;

  • is the first and only Turkish company who has produced Java Geographic Information Systems-GIS Software; GeoKIT®, High Performance Geo Data Management System Software-GeoDB® and Formatted Message Management Systems Software-MESSMAN®.
  • has got CMMI Level 3 Development v1.3 SCAMPI-Class A,
  • has got ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate.
  • has been authorized for NATO AQAP-160 Certificate for Integrated Quality Requirements during Lifecycle of Software with a 2008/22 certification number which is issued by the Turkish Ministry of Defence,
  • has been certified for NATO Facility Clearance Certificates at the level of “NATO SECRET” and National Facility Clearance Certificate at the level of "NATIONAL SECRET”  and all staff have been certified for NATO and NATIONAL SECRET levels,
  • has got “Certificate of Production” from Ministry of Defence,
  • has signed BOA (Basic Ordering Agreement) with NATO NC3A (Nato Consulting, Command & Control Agency) agency which is valid from 05th Nov 2001 for NATO GIS, Formatted Messaging and CCIS Software & Services,
  • has exported his products to various countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Romania and Afghanistan. The company has implemented applications of “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Military Applications for Command and Control Information Systems, Blue Force Tracking Systems (AVL/GPS), Three Dimensional (3D) Terrain Modeling, Analysis & Visualization Systems”.

The company based on the C2IS and NEC (Network Enabled Capabilities) is capable of;

  • MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Programme) data model compliant,
  • Operational data services compliant to NATO JC3IEDM (Joint Command Control Consultation Information Exchange Data Model),
  • Operational data services compliant to TLF KKBDVM (Turkish Land Forces Information Exchange Data Model),
  • JTLS (Joint Theatre Level Simulation) <> C2IS services,
  • COP (Common Operational Picture) services,
  • NFFI (NATO Friendly Force Information) services,
  • Data Access Layer services for operational data compliant to KKBDVM and JC3IEDM,
  • Tactical graphics, OPORDER with ANNEXES (NATO STANAG 2014, TAF KKY 191-9) and TASKORG services,
  • Military Messaging Services,
  • Geo Data services,
  • Military Symbol Services,
  • TOPFAS (Tool for Operations Planning Force Activation and Simulation) Gateway services,
  • LOGBASE (NATO Logistics Data Base) Gateway services,
  • JTS (Joint Targeting System) Gateway services,
  • ICC (Integrated Command and Control) Gateway services,
  • MCCIS (Maritime Command and Control Information System) Gateway services,
  • Link-1 (Full duplex digital data link to facilitate point-to-point data communications) Gateway services,
  • Link-16 Gateway services.