Bilgi GIS

C2IS and NEC (Network Enabled) Capabilities

  • MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Programme) data model compliant,
  • Operational data services compliant to NATO JC3IEDM (Joint Command Control Consultation Information Exchange Data Model),
  • Operational data services compliant to TLF KKBDVM (Turkish Land Forces Information Exchange Data Model),
  • JTLS (Joint Theatre Level Simulation) between C2IS services, (JTLS is registered trademark of ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation (R&A),
  • COP (Common Operational Picture) services,
  • NFFI (NATO Friendly Force Information) services,
  • Data Access Layer services for operational data compliant to KKBDVM and JC3IEDM,
  • Tactical graphics, OPORDER with ANNEXES (NATO STANAG 2014, TAF KKY 191-9) and TASKORG services,
  • Military Messaging Services,
  • Geo Data services,
  • Military Symbol Services,
  • TOPFAS (Tool for Operations Planning Force Activation and Simulation) Gateway services,
  • LOGBASE (NATO Logistics Data Base) Gateway services,
  • JTS (Joint Targeting System) Gateway services,
  • ICC (Integrated Command and Control) Gateway services,
  • MCCIS (Maritime Command and Control Information System) Gateway services,
  • Link-1 (Full duplex digital data link to facilitate point-to-point data communications) Gateway services,
  • Link-16 Gateway services.